Hello All! I’m Keri and a baby blogger that doesn’t know what I’m doing! I had to get step-by-step help from Cyndi to sign-in! This would be a good time to mention that a ninth grader can probably spell better than I can, so if you come across a funny looking word, just sound it out loud! Pretend your playing that Mad Gab game, at least I think that’s the title. When I come across any other of my many shortcomings, I’ll let ya’ll know.

For now, I’m the pregnant one of the group, so most of my writing will be the ranting for the remaining half of my nine month punishment because Eve just had to ask Adam to eat that apple. My pregnancy thus far has been chopped full of weird stuff. I’m basically in that group that the doctor will often refer to as, “some women while pregnant will,” and fill in the blank.

I’m a potato and bread eating kind of gal, and evidently, some women while pregnant will turn sensitive to blood sugar. For those of you like myself who are clueless to what this means, let me explain what I’ve figured out the hard way so far. If I eat yummy biscuits and gravy for breakfast, I’d better follow it down with some bacon (for protein) or I’ll be laid out on the floor feeling feverish and light headed. This morning, I chose a chicken fried steak patty smothered in white gravy to follow down my biscuit with butter and jam and also biscuit with gravy that I’d just eaten. When I was laying on the floor with (literally) black dots before my eyes, I realized that chicken fried steak doesn’t have enough protein to counter all the good bread (carbs) I’d just consumed.

So, welcome and visit us often!


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