What are YOU doing this Saturday?

Today is Saturday. It’s the first day this week that I have NOTHING on my “to-d0” list…and it feels great. Not that I shouldn’t be writing…I should, but my niece is visiting (which she never does) and my friend is hosting an estate sale, so we’ll probably do so running around this afternoon…AFTER the Razorback game! She’s 21 and absolutely gorgeous. I feel sorry for “THE ONE” she brings home to marry. She’s an only daughter and only granddaughter (on my side of the family). No one will be good enough…know what I mean?

Speaking of the Razorback game…anyone else a football fan? What team? Since I grew up living and breathing Razorback football, it never occurred to me that I might consider going anywhere to college but the University of Arkansas. For those who have never seen the campus … absolutely beautiful with its rolling hills, trees, and old buildings.

Here in Arkansas, the sun is shinning and I still have lots of red and gold leaves on the trees in my yard and after that thunderstorm we had this week, I’m surprised. Many of the trees were stripped bare in the wind.

So, what are you doing this weekend?


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