Boy or Girl???

Okay everybody….
Visited the doc this morning and I’m 21 weeks! Yipee!! So we did the ultrasound, but I didn’t want the doc to confirm anything. For those of you that think you might know what we’re lookin’ at, leave a comment.
The top horizontal thing that looks like a turkey leg is the thigh, below is what my hubby and several other members of my family think is the ‘turtle’ AKA (boy body part). To the right of the suposidly turtle is the booty and below the ‘turtle’ is the other thigh.
So, what’da’ya’ll think? Is it a Brady Matthew or an Aubrey Taylor?

4 thoughts on “Boy or Girl???

  1. Turtle… *cackle* In my family, we refer to that as a “dinger”.Any way, you know those pictures full of dots that you stare at until you see the picture? I’ve never seen the picture. So you are asking the wrong person.*cackle* “Turtle” *snort*

  2. Shayla said, “Turtle… *cackle* In my family, we refer to that as a “dinger”.”We’re all a bunch of girls (other than one cousin). So, all we have are a bunch of “Tata’s”! My sister said something about, if you see a turtle, it’s a boy, if you see a hamburger, all girl!

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