So, how many of us are on diets? and how many of us are just going to ignore them on Thursday? (I’m waving my hand)

Thanksgiving comes only once a year, and I figure one day of indulgence won’t kill me. The whole family is getting together at mom’s and I’ve been assigned the ham, the mac and cheese (from scratch – not boxed), a pumpkin pie, a coconut cream pie (which is beyond wonderful) and one other pie. I’m making something new…it’s called a mile-high pumpkin pie. It’s like a pumpkin pie but made with whipped cream. Recipe looks great.

I’m also making a cake for church. Our church (Methodist) does lots of community outreach. Some international, but lots in the local community. On Thursday, the church makes a HUGE Thanksgiving dinner. Anyone and everyone is invited to come and eat. No cost. No preaching. Just fellowship. It makes me sad to think of the people in my community who have no family to be with, no food to eat, no support system at all.

On the other hand, it makes me stop and realize how fortunate I am. I love my family and friends. In all my career and educational choices, they’ve been there for me. And now, I have the Arkansas Diamonds. What an incredible group of talented writers and supportive friends. I am more than fortunate to have found them.

What are you thankful for this season?