How to act in Public, Pt. 2

Customer’s will often do the strangest things. Obviously, they find themselves absolutely amusing and can’t get enough of it.
It is not that funny when…

I’ve rang up your stuff, reach for your money that you’re holding out to me, and you snatch it away. BIG SECRET. this is an old game. it wasn’t that funny when the first person did it to me, nor is it that great when the hundreth did it to me. Oh, and lest I forget my favorite part is when the customer will play the ‘money game’ and after I try to remain polite, but my smile has faded, they’ll then proceed to say, Smile! Smile. It can’t be that bad. Smile, or I won’t give you the money. not cute.

You’re a man and you enter a workplace that is primarly ran by females, it is not that hilarious for you to walk in and yell, “Hey, if I put on a dress, can I work here?” that’s not an original joke.

I’m often left amazed at the amount of folks who don’t bring their money in the store with them. I mean, when I go into a store, I plan to buy something, therefore, I take my wallet. Many will choose to shop around, get all their stuff, set it up on my counter, take up lots of space, let me ring them up, and leave the line, with a, “Let me go get my wallet.” I void out their stuff, and start ringing out the next people in line. It’s my philosophy, you got out of line, get back in at the back. Many money forgeting customers don’t like having to stand back in line, though they’ll still not bring in their wallet the next time. I wonder, do people go to Wal-Mart, fill up a buggy and put it on the belt, then ask the cashier to hold up while they run to their car for money?

This final one for today, I do find amusing. Often customers will use their front pocket for a wallet. This consists largely of wading up paper money and shoving it down in the pocket. Now it is irritating while I stand, tapping my toes along with other customers waiting while pocket wallet people straighten out their crumbled bills, usually cursing under their breath and telling me how sorry they are. But what amazes me is, you know what they do with their change once I hand it back to them? You got it, wad it up and stick in their pocket.