Can I get some hot water? Please.

Why is it that single wide mobile homes come equiped with the smallest waterheater the builders can find? These buggers are SO small, I’m not even sure you can find them at the store. They must be special ordering them in.

In the summer time, I can take my time in the shower, enjoy the quiet after a long day. The ground’s warm enough that it keeps the water in the pipes at a decent temperature that my heater can get hot as I’m using it.

In the winter, if I do that, I’ll be rinsing in freezing cold water. And don’t get on me about taking hot showers while pregnant. I know it’s not good, the heat can speed up your heartrate and all that. Racing against the waterheater gets my blood pumping all the same. Don’t even think about grabbing that razor. No, no. Not even if it’s the automatic kind with the built in cream.

“Why don’t you just take a bath?”, did I hear someone say? First, my tub is a garden tub. Nice and roomy, the perfect place to get it nearly full before the water runs cold. And, since it’s such a small waterheater, the get the water warm peice inside the thing must be the cheapest one on the market. So hopping in the shower to fully rinse the soap off is out the window.

And getting any hot water after somebody just got out of the shower? Haha, I don’t think so. Not for at least an hour. And all this is with the tank set to get the water as hot as it can.

A new waterheater is nearing the top of my christmas list this year. Anybody else got anything on their list that’s in the unromantic category?


2 thoughts on “Can I get some hot water? Please.

  1. *cackle* After Cyndi’s comments yesterday at lunch, I had to check out the Hot Water Heater Saga! Too funny! I wish you luck. I can’t stand not having the hottest shower my system can handle.

  2. I have one of the LARGE tubs that takes ALL the hot water from the tank and is still not full. It’s an old whirlpool tub that came with the house. I’m thinking next summer that we’ll pull it out and toss it. I so rarely have time for a long bath these days anyway. I KNOW long baths are soothing, but most of the time I’m sitting there, I’m thinking of all the other stuff I need to be doing (can you say finishing The Sand Castle Trilogy?)As far as unromantic gifts…I got a washer/dryer last year. I LOVED IT. I took all my company in to see them! Unromantic? Nope. It was romantic in that my DH KNEW exactly what I wanted and it wasn’t a bottle of cologne!Good luck with that new hot water tank, Keri!

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