Husbands. They never listen.

So, the husband calls on his way to the grocery store and informs me that he’s going to get some steaks and grill them tonight. Being the good wife that I am, I tell him, it’s supposed to rain. ‘Not until later’, he tells me.

Anyway, the husband is currently standing in the rain while flipping steaks and yelling at me to stop laughing.

Anybody else having a nice Friday evening?


3 thoughts on “Husbands. They never listen.

  1. You know, my hubby is such a hard core griller, he doesn’t care if it’s raining, or snowing, or electrical storming, lol. If he’s in the mood to grill, god damn it, he’s going to grill.I admire he’s stubborness, and his ability to grill a mean pork loin, or steak…hmmmm…yummmy. I’m thinking steak will be a yummy New Year’s dish. What’s everybody else planning for the last dinner of the old year?

  2. Cyndi asked how the steaks were.I couldn’t tell you. I didn’t eat any of it. Steaks aren’t really in my ‘like to eat at the spur of the moment thing’ category. I wasn’t a huge steak eater before I got pregnant and now that I am, it doesn’t entice me in the slightest. (Ducking slaps and objects being hurled at me) I know, I know, I need that to feed the baby. But, eww. It just doesn’t look good. Besides, it makes the husband happy cause then he gets to eat even MORE steak!

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