On the Road Again

Sing along with me…On the road again….just can’t wait to get back on the road again…
It’s that time…the snowbirds head to Florida. We did this last year for two months, so we’re jumping in again. But before we could come to our “two-month Florida Home” (Also know as The Great Outdoors Resort), we made a stop in Orlando for the CapitalOne Bowl. Yes, I was there to watch my beloved Hogs lose. Sad, but loads of fun. Hubby and I drove our RV to Orlando and stayed with a group of “Road Hogs”. Road Hogs are a group of people who travel in their motorhomes to the games and stay together. In fact, they have an incredible RV park of their own in Fayetteville.

In Orlando, we parked at Central Florida Fairgrounds. Let’s just say, I’ve been in safer places! Last night, there was a shooting in that area (we’d been gone for 3 days). Something like 33 shoots were fired! Here’s what it looked like with all the motorhomes. This was a catfish fry by The Catfish Hole out of Fayetteville. The owners did it for everyone – free. Great food. The beans and chicken were fabulous!

There was a gorgeous lake where we were staying, but no gators…at least non seen! Nice site, huh? Had to work to keep Maggie out of the lake!

Here’s our coach…Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc present to ourselves. Of course, that didn’t stop me from getting a new computer!

Our seats were fairly lousy (end zone corner). As luck would have it, a lot of the activity took place right in front of us! Here I am with another Razorback fan – yes, what is on his head is a REAL razorback pelt! See the cup? He’d had LOTS of them before the picture!

And from my outfit, you can tell it was WARM that day. I had on a great razorback shirt, but it got H-O-T. The funny thing was that Wisconsin was ALSO red and white, so we all looked alike! But I cheered my team and booed the refs!

Needless to say, I’m NOT posting a picture of the final scoreboard!

Today, we headed to New Smyrna Beach. Ate at The Breakers Restaurant. It may be the best burger I have EVER eaten. YUM! Then, being tourists, we had to drive on the beach. Luckily, I had my parents’ car, so all the sand ended up in there instead of our Jeep! But, hubby had so much fun, I think I can forecast a couple of days at the beach..with him driving! Check out those waves!

Tomorrow, I’m visiting Central Florida RWA chapter meeting. Watch for pictures!

Until then, pedal to metal and watch out for the radar!


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  1. Looks like ya’ll are having a blast! Keep us posted. I have to ask: Did you end up fleas after taking that picture with the guy wearing the carcess?

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