Central Florida RWA Meeting

Yesterday, I visited (correct that – crashed) the Central Florida RWA meeting. What a nice group of women. And a well-run business meeting. Wished I’d been that organized. There were 40 or so writers there, many of them new. I think they must have had a number of new members join yesterday after the meeting.

I went to hear Roxanne St. Claire talk about goal setting. I went not really expecting to learn much. I mean, I’ve taught classes on goal setting. But her approach was different and her talk was extremely helpful to me. I’ll be putting an article on the Diamonds in the Rough Newsblog, hopefully later today.

After the meeting, I went out to lunch with about 20 of the members. Quite nice of them to invite me, I thought. Lunch was PJChang’s. I’d never eaten there, but, consider this a big YUMMY endorsement. I had an order of combination fried rice, which was great. Everything at the table looked great.

I promised pictures, but I forgot the camera! It was early for me! But I’ve been invited to visit Space Coast Authors of Romance (STAR) meeting on Saturday 1/20, so I’ll go. I know a number of those members. Maybe I’ll remember the camera!

Check the newsblog this week. Hopefully, Keri and I will have it up.

Hope everyone’s writing is going great for 07.