The Toilet Seat

I know you’re thinking I’m fixing to rant over the husband not dropping the lid, but I’m not. I’d intended on keeping this to myself, but after he snored ALL NIGHT long last night, I’ve changed my mind. My lack of sleep (which I don’t get enough of because of the pregnancy by the way) has me in the right mood to tell.

We’ve got two bathrooms in my house. One is in the master bath, the other is the spare. The master bath lid is ALWAYS put back down (and that’s probably only because it’s a padded seat and will not stay up on it’s own if you walk past), but the spare only goes down if I do it.

I tried complaining at first and quickly gave up. The spare bathroom is the only room in the house he can claim his own space (even though I decorated it with butterflies). I’ve gotten used to checking before sitting.

So, the husband comes up to me a few days ago and says, “You’ll never guess what I nearly did.”

“What’s that?” I asked?

“I didn’t check the toilet lid and nearly fell in. I….” The rest I didn’t catch because of my laughter.

Boring moments are rare around my house.


One thought on “The Toilet Seat

  1. Padded seat cover…great idea.You might also try a lid cover in the spare room. If it’s “thick enough”, the lid won’t stay up without holding it.From someone who grew up with a “wet ass” in the middle of night more times than I want to remember.

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