January 2007 Newsletter

It’s DONE! FINALLY! My ass is numb from sitting on it for the last three days picking articles, writing articles, pulling member news, etc etc etc. THEN, formating it into a publisher file was LOADS of fun. Anyone else ever use Publisher? Why does my font color change sometimes? And how come my pictures are there one minute and gone the next? ARGH!!!

No matter. It’s formatted. Has lovely colors. It’s gone to co-editor Keri for proofing. SOOOO, if you see a typo when the final copy comes out, it’s Keri’s fault! HA HA HA HA

Check the members Newsblog. I’ll be posting member news there as well as photos from the Christmas party!

Hope 2007 is finding your fingers flying over your keyboard as you type the next NYT Bestseller!