My Florida Adventures Continue

We’re still in Florida. Temperature today? About 83. Temperature at home in Arkansas? About 23 and dreary. Anyone have any questions about WHY we are hiding out in Florida!

Have meet some of my “online” RWA buddies. I had lunch last week with PJ O’Riley, who is a member of RWA KOD. I had sent her a picture of me before we met so she could find me in the restaurant (Caffe Chocolate). As soon as I walked in, I recognized her! Somewhere in all my travels last year, our paths had crossed. I’m thinking we met at the SpacecoasT Authors of Romance (STAR) conference in Cocoa Beach. PJ writes mystery/suspense and like me, is still waiting for THE CALL. After lunch, she and her husband invited my husband and me over Sunday afternoon for lunch. It was delicious! PJ cooked BBQ chicken on the grill. YUM. She and I finally ran our husbands off to have their own discussions while we talked writing and publishing. I was in charge of desert, so we ran by Brusters and picked up an ice cream cake. Let me say…YUM YUM. We ate about half of it at PJ’s house (her parents came over from next door for dessert) and I snatched the remainder and brought it home. It lasted only until Monday!

Today, I met two more wonderful writers for lunch in Cocoa Beach. Lara Santiago and Kristen Painter
Both are members of the STAR chapter. Click on their names and you’ll go to their webpages. I met Lara last year at the STAR conference and just clicked with her. Didn’t know why until today…she’s a spreadsheet geek and spent time in Blytheville, Arkansas when she was in the military! Spreadsheets and Arkansas…two things close to my heart!

Kristen I met last year at the RT convention in Daytona Beach. I had opted to take a beginners’ class taught by Judi McCoy –which was fantastic – go if you get a chance. She “tells it like it is” about writing and publishing. She gave out a handout on commas that I pull out and review OFTEN! Kristen taught a couple of her sessions last year and will do so again this year at RT in Houston. Kristen did one of my favorite sessions…rejection letters. The authors on the panel were so funny telling their personal stories and personal rejection letters.

Lara suggested we meet at Coconuts on the Beach in Cocoa Beach and let me tell you, “on the Beach” described this place. We sat on the deck under a sun-brella. The food was great (I had spinach dip and a chicken sandwich). PLUS, today was $3.00 Cosmopolitans. Hadn’t had one in a long time. The beach was fairly deserted today (after all, it is Tuesday), but the waves were just wonderful – very therapeutic for soul.

We spent most of the time talking about what we are working on, contests judging (I had just finished filing my scores in the Golden Heart Contest.), what publishing house is looking for what, taxes, etc. These ladies were a fountain of information! I hated to see the lunch end.

I’m taking an online course through FTHRW on “How to Disappear”. Very interesting. Not as easy as movies and TV would have you believe.

I’m here to attend the Space Coast Writers Guild conference Jan 26-27. I may have to sneak out on Saturday and run down to the STAR meeting in Melbourne. It would be great to see so many people that I’ve met.

I’m doing Book in A Week through my chapter – not really a whole book, but I’m trying to get 10,000 words done this week. Unfortunately, these don’t count toward my total! So, I’d better get to the book.

Until next time…
Arkansas Cyndi signing off as “Temporary Florida Cyndi”