If you’ve never procrastinated when you should be writing, you’ll not understand this post, so move on.

If you have, at some point for some reason, procrastinated, I’m the gal for you!

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I’m trying to get a minimum of 5,000 words written this week, but would love to get it to 10,000. So how does one do that? You W-R-I-T-E. But that doesn’t have anything to do with what I do! I can find SO MANY things that just HAVE to be done. This morning, I just had to vacuum the coach. Oh, and remember that ice cream cake from yesterday’s post? Did I mention that I dropped it on the rug in the kitchen? My dogs did a pretty good job of “clean-up”, but the rug was still a little “stiff and sticky”, so OF COURSE I had to get out my new rug cleaner/shampooer and fix that problem. And, oh yeah, while I’ve got the vacuum outside, could I vacuum the entry run that lays outside our coach (husband request). So, of course I did, but it was so dirty that I had to stop midway and empty and bagless collection cup and while I was there, I noticed that my filter had a hole in it (probably from overuse – I do have a lot of words to write), and I had to find another filter inside the coach. You get the picture?

I need to join Procrastinators Anonymous, but I just keep putting it off.

Arkansas Cyndi (hiding in Florida instead of cold Arkansas!)

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  1. In other words….Cyndi is attempting to come up with 10,000 excuses on why she hasn’t written anything instead of actually writting 10,000 words!

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