The Third and Final

Do a little dance…..make a love…..Keri’s on her last trimester…..her last trimester….

Yipee! Ya’ll haven’t heard from me in a while. Sorry. Been sleeping mostly. The pregnancy is coasting right on along. The family is still split on whether or not I’m harboring a boy or girl in there. Which brings up to the point of this post.

We’ve explained to my almost 4 boy year old cousin that I’ve got a baby in my stomach. I’m the first pregnant girl he’s really been around and old enough to know what a baby is. After we thoroughly explained to him that he doesn’t have a baby in his belly, he caught on. So what does he tell me? Well first, like any toddler, he repeats. “You got a baby in there?”

“Yes,” I tell him.

His head cocks sideways and then he tells me, “You got a baby in there?”

“Yes,” I confirm again.

He smiles. “You got two in there.”

I’ve told him many times there’s just one in there, but…everytime he’ll point at my belly and say, “You got a baby in there? You got two in there.”

I always laugh it off and say wouldn’t that be funny if he were right? (BTW- I did have to go through fertility treatment, so the possiblilty for multiples was there)


Today my uncle comes in the store (this would be my cousin’s grandpa). He’s well know for looking at the belly and knowing what’s in there. He’s even gotten it right when the doctors got it wrong. So I see him today and ask him what he thinks it is. And what does he tell me?

“You’ve got two in there.”

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  1. Yeah, people who have never seen a REALLY pregnant woman don’t understand. I had people asking if I was having twins for the entire last two and a half months. I was not having twins, in fact I only had a six pounder, lol. It’s normal! Don’t worry :).And congrats, you’re on the home stretch now!

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