The Nudists I’ve Known…

Many years ago, I had a screenwriter boyfriend who insisted that he wrote better…in the nude. I’d come home from class and find the man in front of his computer with nothing between his bare bum and our–SHARED–computer seat. No matter that this man and I were, um, intimately acquainted, this weird habit squicked me out.

I tried to convince him to at least sit on a book or something, but never had much luck (though I did get a great laugh out of a ‘Sex in the City’ episode I saw years later when Charlotte made her nudist put paper between him and her white furniture, lol.)

So you can imagined how alarmed I was when I left the Roo to use his potty still clothed and came back seconds later to see this:

It seems the boy can only befriend the potty if he is completely IN THE NUDE! Dear god, I hope it’s not the start of a life-long habit.

So what does this have to do with writing, you may ask? I guess this just reminds me of the creative process. Whether it’s making words or making…other things, we each have a way in which we feel we work better. I, personally, need quiet. Not complete quiet, but a blaring television and screaming kids don’t help my muse be productive. I don’t even like listening to music. I find it distracting more than mood inducing. I also need a little stress free time. If I know I have a bunch of laundry, or a ton of errands to run, I can’t write until I get some of those obligations out of the way first. I also find ambiance really helps a lot. I’ve loved writing next ot my fireplace this winter. It’s the only thing I’m going to miss when winter ends, lol.

How about you? What do you need to feel creative?

5 thoughts on “The Nudists I’ve Known…

  1. It seems I need a deadline and an editor who expects me to meet it. LOL. I haven’t been so productive in I don’t know how long. I do like listening to music, usually movie soundtracks or classical music. It has to be lyric free (or in a foreign language, like opera) because otherwise, it messes with my brain.By the way, I LOVE the logline of the blog!

  2. Lol!Thanks for commenting Kate :). I can’t take any credit for the logline, but it IS hystercial. I’m thinking maybe our first pres Cyndi might be the clever lady behind that one.Glad to see my former LARA pres here on the Diamond blog!Anna

  3. I’m with you on QUIET to write. But unfortunately, I am also the type who can’t let dirty clothes laying around needing to washed, dirty dishes collect in the sink, etc. As it is, I TRYING to ignore a carpet that desperately needs to be vacuum. What I can’t make my DH understand is that when I’m writing, my mind is “not here”, it’s where ever my story is taking place. When he starts a conversation with me, it takes a couple of beats before I can catch up with him and know what the heck he is talking about!BTW – I have a friend who (with her husband) stayed at a nudist resort. Some funny stories there, I tell you. I don’t think I could make my DH sit naked on a chair after it was vacated by someone else without a gallon of Purell sanitizer to wipe it down with first!Cute picture. Perfect for his wedding rehearsal dinner. HA HA

  4. I hear you Cyndi. My DH is very supportive, but I don’t think he understands that it takes a beat to get in (or out) of writing, either.Would love to hear stories about the nudists! There’s a book in there somewhere.and yes, Keri, I know I will pay, but I’m so glad I have this pic! I’m going to show it to his girlfriends whenever they come over, lol!

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