What color is your lucky underwear?

In my effort to avoid stripping the sheet off my bed, I’ve been web surfing and found this:


It seems YELLOW is my lucky color for underwear. Ummm…I have one yellow bra and some of my panties have yellowed with age, but I doubt those count.

For those who know me, read the description below…Is it me?

You’re an extremely happy, laid back, fun soul. And your lucky yellow underwear can help you get even more out of life.
In life, you rather play than work. You’re apt to quit any task that doesn’t nourish your creativity and inner child.

Sometimes your drive for freedom hinders your quality of life. You find it impossible to do anything unpleasant.
If you want to have responsibilities and still have fun, put on your yellow underpants. They’ll help you make a party out of the most mundane tasks.


One thought on “What color is your lucky underwear?

  1. Cyndi- a happy, laid back, fun soul? Yeah, that’s a lot of you!………….I did me and my lucky underpants are RED!You’re confident and bold, and your lucky red underwear will only make you more sure of yourself.You have a great zest for life, and you tend to take on impossible goals – and succeed.When it comes to love, it’s hard for you to take the time to open up. You’re too busy conquering the world.So if you’re looking for a little more romance, put on your red underpants. And see where their passion takes you! ……………….I would have to agree with that!

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