Aw, hell.

Yes that kind and the other…the HAIL kind. as in the kind where pieces of ice fall from the sky! Hope you’re enjoy your sunny florida weather, Cyndi! Cause I just looked out my window to see tiny pieces of ice pinging off my porch.

Okay, so I’m not big into weather, and there’s a good chance that it’s just sleeting, but either way, ice is falling.

Now, I’m not sure about other places, when when ice starts falling in south central Arkansas, one of two things is bound to happen.

One, it’ll hopefully stop here stortly and all will be well.


Two, it’ll continue and bascially shut down the entire communtiy. I’m talking weighing power lines down to the ground and all.

Now, as a kid, I prayed and hoped for the latter. And in case some of you out there are wondering why…duh! School closes! Massive bonus of growing up in a county school. The city roads they’d get out and work at(hey, I live in an indurstrial area, those places can’t shut down, and those places also need acess to the ER just incase). So while the city roads are clear and that school system up and running, there’s a good chance I don’t even have my lights back on yet, nor are the roads safe for anything but feet and a four-wheeler. And actually, from some of the stories I’ve heard and seen, a four-wheeler isn’t all that good of an idea either.

As a bill paying adult that needs to get to work tomorrow…I’m praying for the former. Plus, my single wide doesn’t exactly hold in the heat real well over a long period of time, so that means we’d be packing it up to my parents where it’s the land of fireplace, gas, and knowing them, a generator. And since I can see their house from my front porch, it’s not even actually ‘getting out’ to go there on the gravel road.

So, cross everything you can with me and lets all hope the weather stops raining ice.

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  1. Tonight in Florida, it’ll get down to 55, but tomorrow…80!! But showers moving in by Friday, so I’ll be stuck inside a 40 motorhome with 2 smelling dogs, one screaming bird, and one bored husband. YIKESSorry about your weather, Ms. Keri. THAT’S why we are hiding down here!

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