Pregnancy Perks

I’m not one of those pregnant women that bounce around, their belly hanging out becasue they are SO enjoying the gift and experience of pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful everyday for the baby growing inside, but I’d rather it come on out and give me body back. I don’t like to share. (Can anybody tell I’m on the downhill slide? 9 WEEKS!)

I’ve created a list of ‘perks’ that I’ve learned throughout my baby growing process:

-Lustrous thick hair. I missed the boat on that one. Oh, but I did learn that while your head hair supposedly grows faster and thicker, the little soft hairs on your arms and belly does too.

-More energy than you’ve ever had in your life. Um. No. Not even close. I think the baby is sitting on my metabolism.

-Dark circles around the eyes. Half the time I look like I’ve got two black eyes.

-Anybody know what ‘glowing’ is? If it includes fighting acne then I’ve got that.

-Oh! One of my fav’s! Going to the bathroom IMMEDIATELY before bed, just so I can lay down to get right back up to go again. (BTW, my husband finds this funny)

-Strangle people (that includes people I know and people I DON’T) want to come up and touch me.

-If the baby’s not comfortable, you’re not comfortable.

-Growing another person logically exhausts you. However, having another person inside your body (no matter how small) doesn’t make for great sleeping arrangements.

I can sucker my husband for things as well as any other pregnant woman on the planet.