What’s Your Feel Good Food?

Okay, I know everybody has one. You know when you eat something it just makes you feel like you can tackle the world? Well, maybe not THAT feel good. What about something that makes you sit at the computer and actually write? Or run through the house cleaning like you got paid 100 grand a year to do just that? Or something that makes you, you know, feel REALLY good when that special person walks through the door?

My feel good food is an ice cold Dr. Pepper and popcorn. Which actually hilarious, because my drink of choice is always water. Even as a little girl, I’d order water with my meal. My parents often got looks from waiters because they were all ordering cokes, teas, coffee, and there I was, little toddler telling them I wanted ice water like I wasn’t allowed the ‘good stuff’.

And popcorn? Junk food, me?? Honey, growing up I was all about sliced cheese, fruits, and vegetables for snacks. And still am. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my chocolate, but if I have a choice between a banana or a candy bar…give me that banana.

But, when you mix popcorn and Dr. Pepper…whoa baby somebody better restrain me. Not only is that my feel good food, it’s also my ‘I never fill up on’ food.

So lets hear it, what’s YOUR feel good food?