I want to be a morning person

When is your time to write? Are you a morning person? Someone who springs out of bed, grabs a quick cup of (fill in the blank here…..coffee, tea, Coke) and your mind is already spinning with ideas? If so, I hate you. I want to be a morning person

If you check the time of this post (if time is even shown in blogger), I’m writing this at 3:30 am. That is, unfortunately, the time my mind like to take over use of my fingers and type stories into the computer.

I want to be a morning person, not someone who keep vampire hours. Too bad I don’t write vampire stories. I sure keep the hours.

Keri wrote that she has to have music playing, and I’ve read a lot of authors like to have music playing that “sets” the mood or tone for the scene they are writing on. I love the dead silence of 3 am. Well, not exactly dead. I can hear the hubby snoring in the other room. But the bird’s asleep. Maggie is in bed with hubby and Jill is curled at my feet. No one needs food, or water, or a walk in the yard.

I swore that this year I would get serious about my writing…make it a “real job”, not something I did from midnight to four. When I say real job, I mean, get up, grab that coffee, and get to the computer…i.e. “go to work”.

So, if you’re not a natural morning person and you have made yourself into a daytime writer, please pass along your tips to the night time writer. But remember, I probably won’t read them until after midnight.

4 thoughts on “I want to be a morning person

  1. Me Too, me too! natural morning person over here! I can easily crawl out of bed before the sun’s coming over the eastern horizon, grab a glass of ice water(hating me even more because I’m early bird and a healthy one?), and get after it!I RARELY do evening or afternoon writing. I guess after getting my muse out of bed so early, she sleeps all afternoon!On a serious note, I think what has my writing working in the morning is, I’ve always had to get out of bed. For school and early working hours-which has me going to sleep early in the evenings. That’s what my body’s used to.

  2. Yes, I hate you both! LOLI had a personal trainer (I know you find that hard to believe) for over a year. I met her at least 3x a week at six am. I got up at 5 to get there. I still NEVER got my morning clock ticking.

  3. Coffee….LOTS of coffee. Oh, and having to get up get the kids & hubby fed & out the door to work/school helps, too. But I refuse to get out of my pajamas before noon.

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