Wisdom to Pass Along

So, the due date is steadily getting closer. And while it’s doing that, I can’t help but wonder, what knowledge could I possibly have to pass down to my little one? So, I’ve thought about it, and made a list of things I learned the hard way while growing up. It includes little things from my toddler years to now.

Do NOT put peanut butter in the refrigerator.

Even though they look the same, Baking Soda is NOT a substitute for flour.

Tbl and tsp are TWO DIFFERENT measurements. Do NOT get them confused (in particular when dealing with salt in cookie dough for example).

Cool Whip is NOT meant for the microwave. Not even a little bit. It even says so on the bucket.

Foam ‘To Go’ containers from restaurants are NOT meant for the microwave. It even leaves this interesting smell that lingers for DAYS.

You CAN microwave chips (the corn chip kind for dips, don’t know about the others) to freshen them up a bit.

Little roll hair brushes were NOT made for people to curl their long hair with.

Benadryl does NOT make burns (steam or oven) feel better. Even though it says for skin irritation on the bottle, it’s talking about a different kind.

When ridding a horse with a saddle, shorts are NOT the best option. Not if you want to save the skin on the inside of your knees.

When ridding a horse bareback, shorts are GREAT for catching some sun, they’re ALSO great for catching chiggers.

It IS illegal to use the turning lane as a merging lane. You CAN be pulled over for it.

When you are at a water park in a bikini, it’s a good idea to make sure are still IN your bikini top after getting off a ride. It never works out well when the husband/boyfriend sees that you’ve ‘popped’ out a little before you do.

Just to clarify, I haven’t done this, but I’ve seen it: Cramming the bottoms of a regular cut swimsuit in your crack is NOT a substitute for a thong. Everybody behind you laughs and makes jokes (This second part I’ve done and heard.)

So, anybody else have anything they’ve learned that I can teach my little one?