It seems I’m paranoid.

Here lately I haven’t been sleeping all that well at night. From what I’ve read, its nature’s way of preparing my body for 3 a.m. feedings. I’m curious to know why nature isn’t preparing my husband, because he’s not finding any trouble snoring all night long. Any way….

When I do sleep, I dream. I dream hard and consistently. If I fall asleep thinking, I dream about whatever I’m thinking. It’s to the point when I wake up, I can’t tell if I’ve been asleep or not, for the idea I’d been entertaining in my head never left. Research said dreams are my body’s way of dealing with a life changing experience. I’m not sure about that, because my body could ‘deal’ a lot better if it were getting some rest.

So on those wide-awake, soundly dreaming nights (hm…oxymoron?), I’ve been thinking of what if things. The top of my ‘what if’ list has been, “What if something happened to all my manuscripts?”

I’m not worried about my computer eating them, cause I use thumb drives and save all my information there. No, no. I’m worried about some jerk-off breaking in my home while I sleep and he steals my computer—with my handy little thumb drives stuck in the side. And then POOF, there goes all my hard work. So, I lay in bed twitching, wondering if I should run to the living room and pull my thumb drives from my computer and place them on the bookshelf or something. You know, just incase somebody breaks in.

BUT THEN, some creepy little voice in the back of my mind says, “But what if your house catches on fire?” I mean, come on, the BOOKSHELF is not going to save the little plastic thumb drives from a fire. And then an idea pops to life! I could put them in the safe! It’s fire proof! But, something else occurs to me. Just as sure as I put them in the safe, then we’d be robed instead of the house burning down…and there went my manuscripts with the jerk-off again. (please note, I never consider the idea of my passports, marriage licenses, and other documents going with the jerk-off, just my manuscripts)

So what’s a writer to do? Finally after weeks of this I struck gold with an answer last night. I have several different Yahoo! email accounts. I just emailed my manuscripts (the finished ones and the partially finished one) to another Yahoo! account this morning. Then, if anything happens, I can access them from ANY internet connected computer in the world!!

2 thoughts on “It seems I’m paranoid.

  1. there you go girl!I was just thinking as I was reading that ‘she should email them to herself!’. I email stuff to my gmail account every once and awhile. Gmail has tons of storage space, much more than yahoo. Let me know if you want an invite.And good luck with the sleeping, I couldn’t sleep my last month at all. Yeah, and 3 am feedings if you’re lucky, lol. We had 9pm, midnight, 3am, and 6am feedings. I don’t think I slept more than 2 hours at a time until he was 3 months old, lol.Hugs!Anna

  2. Kids are like a rollarcoaster for me. Babies wake up and cry and need you. No sleep. No showers. And then all of a sudden you get sleep because, even though it doesn’t feel like it, time goes by very quickly. They’re older, but now sleeping with you. Kicking you in the side to scoot over. Again no sleep. My oldest is now thirteen almost fourteen and I wish I was back to her being a baby. The way she crys when she needs me. No sleep because she needs me. She thinks she’s all grown up.Time flys by so very quickly. Sleep is way overated, anyway. That’s what diet pepsi is for. The caffeine.Good luckSena

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