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Changes…branching out…


I’m sorry, I just love this picture. But I apologize if I’ve grossed anyone out already. I think this guy is adorable in a weird sort of way, and today I’m thinking of him as a Pied Piper, leading the way to exciting changes.

I’m half way through my first Young Adult romance! I’m so excited. It’s been such fun to write, and such a relief to know that I can still write something that isn’t at least 50% sex. I had been wondering if I’d become so dependant on writing hot that I wouldn’t know how to…not.

But apparently, the non-smut writing skills are still fairly fresh, and I couldn’t be more excited about my new book. I’ve even decided on an alternate pen-name and purchased the domain name and hosting space, preparing to launch my YA persona’s website later in the month. I know it’s a bit premature since I haven’t sold, but I had my Anna site for several months before I sold anything. It made me feel professional, lol.

Not that I want to give up smut, but it’s been thrilling to do something different. What about you guys? Do you write in different genres? If so, do you play favorites or love both of your writerly sides equally?

Anna J. Evans