Dark Diamond Chronicles

Inspiration. I’m always searching for it. Always. So when I find it, I use it until its beat to death in my mind. And then my search continues…

Music. I need it. I crave it. I listen to a song and my mind automatically spins tales. Most of my books are written with a soundtrack. Each chapter I can tell you what song played over and over in my iPod. I have over 900, but it couldn’t handle any more. It cried like a little…whimp, even though it should have been able to hold 1000. I’ve used every single song. So now, I hunt.

So, if anyone has any songs to share, I’d appreciate it.

Pictures. Photos. I crave it. One of my secondary stories came from an artist named Luis Royo. Please look him up online. He’s fabulous, but not for the faint of heart. With just one picture, I whole story formed inside my head. It was the easiest one, so far, that I have ever written. Unfortunatly, that doesn’t happen to me very often.

So, if anyone has any paintings to share, send them my way because tonight the hunt begins…


One thought on “Dark Diamond Chronicles

  1. Unfortunately, when I play music, I can’t help but sing along.But pictures do it for me. I’m a visual person. Now, if only I could make myself do complete story outlines before I start! LOL

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