My Mammary Monday

Today was mammogram day. Such fun, huh? Went to UAMS. They have the coolest digital machine. No x-ray developing. No waiting to see if the picture is “good enough”. Tech looks at it right then on the computer.

This isn’t new, I know. I’ve been having digital mammograms for a while, but I realized last night that not every hospital has this technology! Just as an FYI – not as “smashing”.

But here is the REAL SHOCKER – While I was in the waiting room after changing into the lovely blue gown, I glanced through the magazine stack and get this…THEY WERE CURRENT!! One of them was Dec. 2006 (not too bad) but one was Feb, 2007! I was pleasantly surprised. When was the last time you found current magazines in the back waiting room or the exam rooms?

So, here’s my plug – have your mammogram. It could save your life.