It’s that time again…

About twice a year I get inspired and start subbing madly to a bunch of agents–pitching my latest work which I’m sure is THE ONE that will finally land me that coveted representation. The query letters stream out, and the rejections stream back in, and in that mix I usually find one or two agents who are willing to look at the first 3 chapters/50 pages/etc.

This is when the submiticitis strikes. I’m suddenly completely sure that the first page of my manuscript needs total revamping, that the entire thing is majorly flawed, and that I probably won’t be able to finish those last two chapters even if there is a minor miracle and I do get a request for a full.

Writerly insecurity…I guess. But agents are scary creatures. I always loathed meeting with them when I was an actor, going in to stand on my head and smile pretty and show them how delightfully marketable and talented I could be. At least now I don’t feel as much like a dancing bear. Now my manuscript does the dancing for me.

Ack! Anyone else ever get this disabling writerly disease?

Anna J. Evans


3 thoughts on “Submiticitis

  1. I find it easier to push someone else’s stuff than talk about my own! Sad, sad, sad.Isn’t it funny that EVERY writer talks about KNOWING she’ll (he’ll) never write another book, and if she (he), it’ll be awful and everyone will know what a fraud she (he) is!Good luck with those letters.

  2. I totally froze just winning a contest. I can’t even imagine the fear of trying to find an agent. My one and only query I did send to an agent, broke me mentally. I read what they’re looking for on their web sites, and they kind of sound…mean. Is it just me? Or maybe I just suck. How do people get an agent, anyway? Sena

  3. Hey Cyndi and Sena!I know what you mean, Cyndi. I also find it easier to pimp other people’s products. I think that’s why I was a good waiter. I was GREAT at convincing people to try the key lime pie, not so great at convincing them to buy the manuscript or rep the me.Sena….yes, I would say they do sound a little mean, and some of them ARE a little mean, but I think that comes from being in their position. They get a lot of crap from a lot of unprofessional people and I’m sure that makes them cranky. As for how people get agents, querying is the only way I know of to manage it. Or make a big book deal on your own and THEN ask them to rep you, lol. And no you don’t suck, you just need to try not to take the process so seriously :). At least that’s what I tell myself….Hugs,Anna

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