Diamond State Romance Authors

Waving into the Void

Found a new place for me and are checking it out. Seeing who’s and what’s there.


You know, I’ve decided that there is a whole business in just keeping up blogs, personal webpages, crimespace page, myspace page, etc. How does everyone balance or better, how much time does a professional writer give to such endeavors? And is it really worth all the time, effort and expense?

Realistically, I KNOW that agents and publishers look for authors who are willing to do lots of legwork to get the word out about their books. In fact, I read a interview with one agent who said she LOOKS for new authors who have both a presence in the online world and active participation in the professional writers’ organizations. Who has time to write!

So, I’m here waving into the void and wondering if anyone is really out there. Sigh