Is Bloging Going Out of Style?

This week, one of the first, and most successful, romance authors’ blog announced they are shutting the doors. Squawk Radio is done. Over. Finished. Well, not yet but as June 2.

And over at Ms Snark…she’s hanging up the whips and chains and going out while she’s still on top (her words, not mine).

Who will be next in the time-big blogger to throw in the towel?

Has blogging gone out of style in favor of some other form of online promotion?

I have to admit, I see their rationale for shutting up shop. Blogging is time consuming and creatively draining…having to come up with clever topics, write smart, sharp prose that the reading audience will find humorous, or interesting, or at least insulting. Frankly, blogging was another way for me to procrastinate and not get my real writing done.

So, today, I’m announcing…I’m done. Finished. Last Blog.

I don’t know if any of the other authors associated with Arkansas Diamonds Blog will pick it up, or it’ll die a natural death…one due to neglect and non-use.

I’m not gone from online, just from here. Look for me all over the place…You’ll know me as ArkansasCyndi.

Until our paths cross somewhere else, go read a good book.