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My Brains Iz Storming!


For most writers, procrastination usually has a basis in something other than just laziness. My number one reason for crying procrastination is writer’s block–which is another way of saying I’ve written myself into a corner and I can’t get out!

Brainstorming usually works to plot your way out of the hole but how do you brainstorm? You can ask ten different writers and get ten different methods. Like writing methods, brainstorming can be a personal decision.

I have several methods, some of which include contacting author friends, chatting online. But other authors have deadlines and scheduling issues and can’t be at my beck and call. So who is more than willing to listen to me ramble as I talk my way out of a corner?

My momma. *cackle* Turns out my mother is my best sounding board for plotting. Not because she’s a writer in waiting. Not because she has great suggestions. But because she just sits there and listens.

No, she doesn’t offer suggestions. Some times she doesn’t say more than “hmmm” or “uh huh”. But because I’m trying to make another human understand what my story is about, I find a way out of my plothole.

This method doesn’t seem to work as well if I’m just talking to myself. Or to the cats–with them, I might as well be talking to myself. The act of trying to make sense of the story to another person is what does the trick for me.

Of course, as with all advice, your mileage may vary. And if your mother doesn’t know what kind of kinky stuff you write, she might not be the one to try out this method. *cackle* But rather than blame your lack of progress on procrastination, find the underlying reason and move on.