writing advice

Shaking in my boots…

So. You finished your manuscript. You’ve polished it, then polished it again. You’ve sent it out to the critique group. And a couple of writer friends. Then you polished it some more.

You already know where you want to submit your book and now it’s ready.

Oh. My. God. It’s ready.

Butterflies take over your stomach. Not just sweet little fluttery things. We’re talking monster butterflies from hell. And as cold as your feet are, you might as well have them implanted in a block of ice. Little voices in your brain are whispering evil things like “you’re a hack”, “you can’t write”, “what makes you think anyone in the world–much less *insert publisher/editor/agent name here*–would want your silly little book!

Guess what? It happens to us all. In varying degrees, it continues to happen.

Each time I submit, I get nauseous. I’m positive this book will be rejected. Worst yet, I fear my editor will send me an email telling me I’m a hack, I can’t write and never to darken her doorway again.

Sometimes, the book is rejected. But then, sometimes it’s not. The only way to find out what will happen with your book is to submit. Get some anti-nausea meds. A tranquilizer. A good stiff drink. Or a pot of chocolate. Whatever calms your nerves. Then hit send or drop that box in the mail.

Then start to work on the next book. Because even if this one doesn’t make it, your next one might just be the next big “thing”!