Diamond State Romance Authors

Thiiiiiis close!

I’m thiiiiiiiiis close to finishing the first draft of my current work in progress. Of course, I’ve been thiiiiiiiiis close to finishing for over a week now, and I have a deadline looming. Eep!

You’d think I would just push through, right? The end is in sight. It’s right there. Still, I can’t quite make myself write it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blocked. Not in the least. These characters chitter-chatter in my head all the live-long day. I know their voices, I see their mannerisms, and I feel every ounce of joy and sorrow for them. The outcomes have already been determined, and the story is arcing up to the big ‘dun-dun-dun’ moment.

All systems should be a go, but at the moment my fingers say no.

I do this every time.

There are writers who shudder when they type the words ‘Chapter One’, but I’m not one of them. I love the beginning. There’s nothing more exhilarating than diving into a new story and rolling around with fresh characters. I even love the middle chapters because that’s where the story starts to click into place. I get a big, fat high out of writing scenes filled with tension and unresolved angst. The beauty of writing romance is knowing the characters I love are going to come out on the happy side of ever after, so you would think the ending would be a no-brainer, wouldn’t you?

I just can’t get them there.

Oh, it’s going to happen. Each day I whittle away at it, inching my way to the end that’s thiiiiiiiiis close…but still so far away.

How about you? Are you a fast starter? A middle muddler? Do you finish fast or is every word leading up to those two magic words pure torture?