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DSRA Holiday Party

We were a small group this year but we had a great time all the same. Those of you not there were missed. We understand how busy life is that is for sure. Despite our small size, we still managed to attract a couple of guests. You know how appealing the company of a romance author is, don’t you? The draw can be overwhelming at times. Joining us was Brinda Berry’s son, who is an awesome artist by the way.

Our newest member brought her boyfriend Chris along. The man gets extra brownie points for braving a table filled with romance authors. Didn’t Brenda warn him the conversations drift to subjects most of the world would rather not hear. We have been known to delve into more racey subject matter without a blink of the eye. Chris took it all in stride. He’s great guy Brenda Jayne.

Also joining us is our good friend and reviewer, Heather Brewer and her daughter. It should be said, Heather just completed her MBA. So this is also a celebration of that monumental accomplishment. Congratulations Heather!

Sitting next to Heather is none other than our own Melissa Ecker.

Amy Fendley and Margaret Etheridge enjoyed the company.

Nena Clements and Voirey Linger had a grand old-time as well.

We ate well, conversed about the trade, delved into a few convos involving technical jargon and laughed uproariously. We hope all of our friends enjoy a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. Stay safe and happy.

We’d love to hear about your celebration with family and friends this year. Don’t be shy about leaving a comment.


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