New Releases

DSRA Releases

Look for these new books by DSRA members in December and January.

Mr. Fix-It by Debbie Vaughan
From Siren Bookstrand
Paperback release, December, 2011

Tropical nights, salsa rhythms, and Latin hunks fill Beverly Miller’s fitful dreams. Mounting bills, hungry four-legged friends, and a farm in desperate need of repair are her reality. Her worthless ex-husband made sure she’d have plenty to keep her busy, off the market, and regretting every moment spent with him.

Handyman Chad Brewster’s life was shattered with his wife’s tragic death five years ago. As he replaces Bev’s heat pump and mends fences, both literally and figuratively, he can’t deny the feisty and beautiful Beverly awakens desires and emotions he never expected to feel again.

Chad’s charms don’t go unnoticed by Beverly. When they succumb, their passions burn away any doubt, past pain, or failure, if only for the moment.

Beverly’s loathsome ex and his sadistic partner each have their own agenda for her, which doesn’t include her muscled boyfriend. Jealousy and revenge battle love and compassion. Winner takes all.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Commitment by Margaret Ethridge

From Turquoise Morning Press

Available in trade paperback and all digital formats January 23, 2012

Tom Sullivan wants a woman who is willing to accept him as he is. The successful divorce attorney has seen enough of the flip-side of love to know better than to promise forever. Women have tried to pin him down, but none have managed to make it stick.

Until Maggie McCann.

Maggie is only interested in one thing. Her fortieth birthday is looming and the tick-tock-tick-tock in her head means her biological clock is about to strike midnight on her dreams of finding Prince Charming. Armed with a new plan for her happily ever, she foregoes the Fairy Godmother routine and makes an appointment with a fertility clinic for a rendezvous with a sperm donor.

The last thing Maggie needs is to get mixed up with a player like Tom Sullivan.

A chance encounter and the opportunity to scratch a decade-long itch prove irresistible, and what starts as a one night stand turns into a game of cat and mouse when Tom learns of Maggie’s plan to start a family on her own.

To Maggie, messing with a player like Tom Sullivan is the single-girl equivalent of playing with fire, but she convinces herself to take what she can get for as long as she can and expect nothing more. But Tom falls hard and fast for Maggie, and now that they’re planning to have a baby together he starts banking on his own happily ever after.

If only he can get her to commit…