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As many of you know, I am a fan of bunnies. I have a house rabbit—a spoiled rotten lop named Tim who is the love of my life. I also have a head full of plot bunnies. And while bunnies, real or imaginary, can be terribly cute, they can also be…terrors.

So many stories, so little time. What a problem for a writer to have. But it can be a problem when Peter Plot Bunny wants to horn in on the time you’re spending with Petunia Plot Bunny. And what about Penelope, Paul, and Paco? They all want attention too. When Tim Bunny has needs, he bumps our ankles and does little bunny herkies. So cute. When the plot bunnies want a little lovin’ they run rampant in my head, hopping from one story to another with complete disregard for the document open on my desktop. Not so cute.

The moment I finished the first draft of my June release, I was besieged by plot bunnies. I may have gone a little wild. I’m talking Jenny Craig survivor at the Old Country Buffet—nothing is safe. My files are littered with plot outlines, snippets of random dialogue, and pictures of things that are supposed to remind me of things I’m supposed to use in a story. I probably should have noted the train of thought on some of those…

Talk about an embarrassment of riches. I’m almost to the point where these bunnies are becoming a nuisance.

Almost, but not quite.

Call me greedy, but I’d rather have too many ideas than not enough. I figure if the story is one that needs to be told, it’ll hang on until I get around to it. After all, if Patty Plot Bunny doesn’t have the legs to hang on for just a few more months, she probably wouldn’t have a very good shelf life, either. So I let them run and hop and do the things that bunnies do (wink-wink). The more the merrier, right?

What do you do when the plot bunnies attack?

ETA: I forgot to upload a picture of Tim! Here he is, the love of my life: