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Evernote is My New Best Friend

Evernote webI can always count on my fellow authors to point me in the right direction when I have a problem. During our recent Christmas party, several authors let me in on a valuable secret. Okay…it’s not really a secret. It was only a secret because I didn’t know about it. I thought I knew about all the best software tools for writing. I didn’t know about Evernote and now I’ve found a new best friend.

Evernote is an organizational tool that allows you to create notebooks and store your typed notes, photos, voice memos, and web clippings. Not only is it available in a web version, I’m able to use it in a desktop version, an iPad app, and an iPhone app.  Then all these notes are synced and I have the same notes everywhere.

I do lots of online research while writing. In the past, I would have spiral notebooks,  Word files, index cards, and tiny slips of paper in various places with my notes.  Now, I have a notebook set up for my current manuscript with all the organized notes (mine and well as webpages I  “clipped”) together.  Did you hear me sigh in relief from way over there? I thought so.

I even got a little sidetracked one day and looked for a holiday recipe online. When I found it, I clipped it and started a new notebook in Evernote called recipes.  I started taking a writing class this week and created a new notebook just for that.

This software is very user friendly, free, and highly recommended. If you’ve been looking for a way in 2012  to become organized, here’s a great solution.  There’s even a section called Evernote Trunk where you can add on more apps/software that will work with Evernote.  Ah, Evernote, I love you.

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