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E-Reader Dilemma


For the past five years, I’ve been reading digital books on my computer. Not perfect but I made it work for me. In 2009 I got a netbook. Nice for travel and pretty good for reading, so I got into digital books in a big way. Then two years ago, I got a Motorola Droid phone. Loved it. I could read books on it using the various apps (Kindle, Nook, Adobe, etc.) So for two years, I’ve been reading on either a computer screen or my phone but I wanted something different…something more.

This week I bought the Kindle Touch. I gave away my netbook, so using it for reading was done. My computer is great but with it’s 17″ screen, it’s a tad heavy in the bed. I wanted a “real” e-reader, so I marched over to Walmart and bought the Kindle Touch.

But, I have to be honest…I didn’t love my new Kindle. Why? Because I’ve been reading on back-lit screens my entire digital reading life. I didn’t like having to position a light to read my Kindle. Yes, I realize I could have bought a Kindle cover with a built-in light but I’d just spent $149 for the Kindle Touch with 3-G & wi-fi. The thought that I should have to spend another $50+ to make it “work” for me just didn’t set well. And I could have bought a Kindle Fire, but I have an ASUS Transformer Prime Table on order, so the Fire seemed to much like duplication.

Bottom line…I want my back-lit reader. So yesterday it was back to Walmart for the return. No problems returning it (one of the main reasons I love Walmart and will continue to shop there.) I didn’t bother looking at the Kindle Fire while I was there (see ASUS explanation above) but I confess…I am still considering it, duplication of programs or not. The Fire is smaller than the tablet I have ordered, so maybe. I don’t know.

As we sit here in 2012, I STILL do not own an e-reader.  So do I re-consider my decision to by-pass the Kindle Fire and just use the Kindle and Nook apps on my tablet when it arrives or should I just go ahead and buy a Fire?

Need some advice here, gang!

AND since you were so kind to read this far today, I’ll let you in on something else…I have FINALLY posted all the prizes for my Texas Two Step Blog Tour. Click HERE for a listing of stop on the tour. Click HERE to see all the awesome prizes.

Thanks for coming by. Looking for e-reader advice!