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We Have a Bear

I’m not sure what it is about our little farm that drives us to add another animal to the menagerie, but we keep succumbing to the magic. We discussed getting another canine companion for our farm dog. The incessant feline intrusion to his feeding bowl leaves the poor guy all frustrated and living in a large run all by himself gives us guilt pangs. He is such a great part of our family we want him to have a friend of his own.

Sooooo….. We found Bear.

He is about eight weeks old and is a Labrador Retriever mix. Judging from his bulk the mix is pretty hefty. The little guy is the same size as our Shitzu, but he has about 5 more pounds on him. I rate his weight at about twenty pounds easily. You almost can’t lift him. He’s a big sack of potatoes.

Just look at those shoulders and take a close gander at those paws! This little guy is going to be a bear. No doubt in my mind.

I just want to know what possessed us to do this again? A puppy? Really? He barks half the night, he is another mouth to feed, and this fellow chows it down, mind you. And he’s one more thing for me to worry about when I’m at home. I have little enough time to write as it is without interrupting those precious, cherished moments with checks on ole Bear.

He is too cute. The natural loyalty he displays is endearing. My kids love the way he keeps at their heels, following them all over the farm. One trek out to the horses is enough to do him in, though. His little legs will only move so fast and being a baby he tires out fairly fast. The cats haven’t taken to him very well. They don’t enjoy one of those over sized paws swatting them. They have figured out he gets fed frequently and, of course, they swarm his bowl. A fast learner, Bear effectively keeps the cats at bay while he inhales his food.

I know we all have cats and dogs as writers that fuel our finicky muse. Some of you may not find feline or canine especially inspiring. I’d love to hear about your favorite pet. Just leave a quick comment to fill us in.

And happy writing.


6 thoughts on “We Have a Bear

  1. He is so cute. He looks like our boobear (Rocky) did when he was a puppy. He’s a lab mix too and turned 15 last nov. he’s an old man now and has white in his beard.

    I just want to pick up your puppy and cuddle him – the one thing I don’t miss is the chewing up everything. We gave Rocky pig ears from the beginning (hubs worked at Petsmart so no rawhide) and he didn’t seem to chew on much.

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