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The Music Muse

Music can be a writer’s muse. Some listen while they write with heads bobbing in time to the beat. Others listen to lyrics and dream of the story. Are you a writer you loves to listen while you work?

There are many online resources for music. I recently discovered a website called   The terrific part is that it’s free and easy to use. The dangerous part is  allowing yourself to get sidetracked. Just for fun, I made a playlist for my YA novel, The Waiting Booth. I imagined each song fitting a scene from the book. Then I made a playlist for the next book in the series, Whisper of Memory. I’ve also started another playlist to store my favorite songs. Then I can listen to the songs I love while I write.

On, you are able to select songs for a playlist and then store them to  play anytime you want.  This is only a screen shot, but you can click here if you want to play the songs on my playlist.

Need to write a sexy scene? You can do a search for  Barry White (click here to listen to the song) and load up a song for listening. A romantic scene? I’d search for Michael Buble (click here to listen to the song). How about a fight scene? Load in some Linkin Park (click her to listen to the song). You are in the mood to write now, aren’t you? Happens a lot.

On, you can also share your playlists and find friends.  If you are a Facebook user, there is integration with their site.  If you are a music lover, you’ll love this site.

25 thoughts on “The Music Muse

  1. I use Pandora for my muse. I have several different themes to use depending on the influence I need for whatever type of scene I’m writing. I’m surprised how powerful music is to the writing process really. I’m going to checkout Playlist though. Thanks Brinda

  2. I wish I could write to music. While songs can inspire a mood or a scene, I need a silent house to work.

    1. With a husband who watches TV too loud and two noisy dogs, I rarely have silence. Sometimes I need the music to drown everything else out.

  3. I like to write to mostly instrumental music, so I load up my “Just the Notes” playlist from iTunes — or my iPod if I’m away from home. If I’m searching for new music (I’m constantly on the prowl), I usually go to THE SIXTY ONE. Great site for new music. 🙂

  4. I’m so behind the times! I don’t listen to music when I write. At all. Not because I don’t think it would help. I simply haven’t taken the time to put it on my to-do (never mind to-done) list.

    I DO know the soundtrack for Country Strong brings my characters into my head each time I hear it.

    Great info, Brinda — again. Too bad you’re too young to have auditioned for Professor Know-it-All on Rocky and Bullwinkle. You’d be a shoo in.

    1. Gloria- playlist is easy. Just access the website and search for your favorite artist or song. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

  5. Brinda, you have touched the heart of my muse … music and all it can do to inspire and carry us to places we never knew we could travel. About Barry White … he might bring back memories of the days (when the song was first aired) and I was a younger version of me … a room bathed in moonlight and a soft shoulder to rest my head. Ah yes, as the heart and soul of a writer … let the music play on 🙂

    1. OK. I shouldn’t admit this, but the Barry White song makes me giggle every time. Yes, let the music play!

  6. Music is a great way to relax and it inspires and evokes emotions. I love music, but tend to zone out when I’m writing. Just ask my husband when he’s trying to talk to me. I’m afraid a play list is wasted on me, although I love the idea of them.

  7. Can you believe I have never made a playlist for any of my writing. Everyone does it, but I have to have total silence when I write. One thing I do, though, is listen to music in the car and it makes me think about my book more. Maybe I should do a playlist for that:)

  8. Great idea. I’m going to try For my last character, I knew she was into hardcore, so I Googled and sampled lots of hardcore bands until I found Periphery, a band with the perfect ballad for the first kiss scene. I followed them on Twitter and they followed me back! So cool!

  9. I use Playlist if I want to listen to specific songs and Slacker if I want to listen to random songs in a genre. I don’t listen to music when I edit, but I do when I draft and revise.

  10. How pathetic is it that I’ve never used Pandora? Or Spotify? (Another one my friends swear by). Or any of them? I really need to check all this out. I can’t listen to music during a first draft. Too distracting. But I did have to listen during last round of revisions to recharge creatively from time to time. Otherwise, I think I would have felt brain dead slogging through it all. 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

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