Diamond State Romance Authors

The Music Muse


Music can be a writer’s muse. Some listen while they write with heads bobbing in time to the beat. Others listen to lyrics and dream of the story. Are you a writer you loves to listen while you work?

There are many online resources for music. I recently discovered a website called Playlist.com.   The terrific part is that it’s free and easy to use. The dangerous part is  allowing yourself to get sidetracked. Just for fun, I made a playlist for my YA novel, The Waiting Booth. I imagined each song fitting a scene from the book. Then I made a playlist for the next book in the series, Whisper of Memory. I’ve also started another playlist to store my favorite songs. Then I can listen to the songs I love while I write.

On Playlist.com, you are able to select songs for a playlist and then store them to  play anytime you want.  This is only a screen shot, but you can click here if you want to play the songs on my playlist.

Need to write a sexy scene? You can do a search for  Barry White (click here to listen to the song) and load up a song for listening. A romantic scene? I’d search for Michael Buble (click here to listen to the song). How about a fight scene? Load in some Linkin Park (click her to listen to the song). You are in the mood to write now, aren’t you? Happens a lot.

On Playlist.com, you can also share your playlists and find friends.  If you are a Facebook user, there is integration with their site.  If you are a music lover, you’ll love this site.