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Being a writer can be a lonely job. For introverts, this isn’t a problem. For an extrovert like me…well, it can be lonely.

Writers spend their days holed up in their offices, living the lives of their characters, learning about people that don’t really exist except in their own minds, finding love and acceptance, troubles and conflicts throughout each day. It can be exciting living in an imaginary world, but when a writer surfaces and looks around, the friends they made in their stories disappear.  And when the writer tries to talk to non-writers about them, the non-writers glaze over and nod politely or just ignore the writer.

Yes it can be a lonely world and finding someone you can talk to that understands you (besides your therapist) can be difficult.  That’s why when I get a chance to be with other writers, I grab at it and hold on!

This past weekend, I was able to make the 3.5 hour drive to visit my “local” Romance Writers of America chapter the Diamond State Romance Authors (DSRA). What fun we had. It was great being in a room full of like-minded (translation: crazy) authors all intent on learning and growing as a writer and ultimately becoming published if they hadn’t already. We talked, we planned, we brainstormed and the energy filled the air.

One of the members of the DSRA is my sister Delilah Devlin. We met earlier than the meeting and made great use of our time together, brainstorming new stories, talking about what we should be writing this year and sharing our publishing successes and foibles.

All in all, I came away from the meeting with a renewed sense of self and excited about diving into my solitary world of writing, knowing there are people like me out there who “get it.”

Happy writing and reading to those who love books! It’s going to be a great writing day for me!

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5 thoughts on “Being a Writer

  1. I love coming to the meetings and being around people who “get it” that I’m a writer. It’s so affirming. It’s also inspiring to meet so many people who’ve become successful, turning writing from a hobby to a career, and to share our common struggles in the journey.

  2. I’m on the borderline between extrovert and introvert on the Myers-Briggs scale. What I have found is that I love being with other writers and leaving our meeting really jazzed. But when I go to a long conference (like RWA National), after a couple of days I retreat to my room needing to recharge.

    Last night my husband and I went out to dinner with another couple. She is a romance writer (like me) and he is a fisherman (like hubby.) Pam and I were chatting away about writing when she told me to listen to our husbands. There were two distinct and separate conversations at the table. Husbands were talking fishing. Pam and I were talking writing. Wonder dinner!

    Only another author truly understands what you were going through when you’re writing. My husband THINKS he understands, but he doesn’t…not really. Most of the other writers I talk to say the same thing about their spouse. But that’s okay. I’ll keep him!

    Sorry I missed the meeting. Am really looking forward to May retreat!

  3. I definitely fall into the introvert camp, but still I enjoy the writer meetings. You can absorb so much creative energy at those meetings! It was nice to meet you this weekend! 🙂

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