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Imaginary men and the women who love them

Is there anything better than an imaginary man? I think not. Imaginary men are perfect. They always say the right thing. They seldom sulk or pout. They never leave whiskers coating the sink or their socks on the couch.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my husband. He’s funny, charming, sexy, and sweet…. Whew! Okay, he left the room. Where was I? Oh yeah – imaginary men….

There have been a number of imaginary men in my life. Here are a few that have earned a special place in my heart:

Rhett Butler – Gone with the Wind – A rebel in every sense of the word, Rhett was the first bad boy in my life. I fell in love with Captain Butler at a young age and our love has only grown deeper over the years. Observe my hands, my dear…. Guh!

Fitzwilliam Darcy – Pride and Prejudice – All I want is a chance to tell Mr. Darcy how ardently I admire and love him. I wouldn’t mind if Colin Firth wanted to send a little of that smolder in my direction.

Luke Danes – The Gilmore Girls – There’s nothing I love more than a good rant from this flannel-clad, backwards baseball cap wearing diner man. Who doesn’t hunger for a heaping helping of sexy with a side of snark?

Jamie Fraser – Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series – Now there’s a braw, bonnie lad. What I wouldn’t give for just one peek beneath that Scotsman’s kilt!

Imaginary men embody the very best and absolute worst of every man we know. Would we put up with their shenanigans in real life? Probably not. Let’s face it; these guys all have some serious issues.

Rhett? He’s a cocky bully. Mr. Darcy? A snob. Luke Danes has commitment issues and a hair-trigger temper. Jamie Fraser – Och! The man is an unholy mess.

Still, that’s part of the reason women find these men attractive. Who wouldn’t want to be the one they turn to when their hurts need healing, their tattered egos require mending, and their passionate natures get the best of them?

I love imaginary men. I love creating them. As an author, one of the biggest challenges and tantalizing thrills is creating a character who tugs at the reader’s heartstrings. I’m in love with every one of my heroes – flaws and all.

How about you? What draws you in? What keeps you hanging on long after the story is done? Have you ever fallen for an anti-hero, or do you like your imaginary men on the up and up?