Reviews-Love, Hate or Ignore Them?

Reviews. Some writers live and die by reader reviews. Until I got “into the biz” I don’t know that I gave book reviews much thought. In fact, I’m not sure I remember ever reading a review. Since most reviews in the magazines and newspapers I read before I began to write would review either “literary” books or male authors, and since I read primarily romance, I rarely found anything in those reviews I found interesting. Being “online” meant having email access. How things have changed.

Now there are scads of places to look for reviews. Any online store (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo). Blog sites that are dedicated to book reviews. Book review sites like Goodreads and Shefari.

As an author, do you read your reviews? If so, why? if not, why not?

As a reader, do you trust book reviews when you’re looking for a good book to read?

Do you do book reviews? As an author, I think doing book reviews is so important. But I do get concerned about giving a book a bad review. The publishing world is mighty small. Can I offend the wrong person by giving a book a “bleck” review? Can revenge be a real possibility for a bad review?

So what your experience with book reviews?

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2 thoughts on “Reviews-Love, Hate or Ignore Them?

  1. I do read reviews, but I also know that the factors you listed and take them with a grain of salt. If there are tons of bad reviews, then I probably won’t bother to read the book. If there are mostly good ones with a few bad, I am still willing to give it a go because reading tastes are so different.

  2. When I read a book I really love, I love review it on my blog. I usually always put a small blurb of how I liked a book at Goodreads or Amazon. They are helpful to me when I’m looking so I figure someone else might benefit as well. If it’s a really wonderful book, I want the world to know it.

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