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The Miracle of Chocolate

Ahhh I love chocolate.

As a woman, who wouldn’t. It is decadent. It is delicious. It is soothing. It is miraculous. The properties inherent in this confection have an uplifting effect on most of us when ingested.

I love chocolate.

As a writer I experience those spells of self-doubt and even depression. They influence that darned muse in all the wrong ways.

We are familiar with the astounding effects it has a premenstrual woman. How it soothes the angry fire we have when all we want to do is lash out and strike.

I was down the other day. Nothing I did brought me out of my funk. I switched Pandora stations ten times in search of a pick me up. I browsed my man-candy file for some stimulation. Nothing helped. In the end I acquiesced to a piece of that sixty percent dark chocolate. I am trying to be healthy in all things and this is supposed to be healthier than the rest. Within twenty minutes of devouring the thing, and I did devour it, too, I found my mood lifting and my outlook shift to the brighter side of dour.

The effects aren’t placebo by any stretch, you all. We have scientific facts supporting the release of several chemicals in our brains that make us happy. I am now showing my chemistry geekiness. Sorry, but humor me.

Among those chemicals are endorphins, which triggers euphoria, phenylethylamine, which acts like an amphetamine by increasing heart rate and blood (sort of like being in love). Don’t worry, it won’t cause any sort of addiction because the thing is entirely NATURAL. Another chemical is lipid anandamide which behaves like marijuana, producing feelings of well-being. Who among us hasn’t experienced all this and more by just eating a piece of chocolate?

So I tell you all, indulge yourselves once in a while and your outlook with improve.

Hurrah for chocolate!


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