Diamond State Romance Authors

March 17 Meeting Update

The Diamonds had a very informal meeting this past month. We were few in number, but none the less enthusiastic. As you can see from the photos, most of us were in our St. Patty’s Day green. Some of us really went ALL out.

Lynda and Margaret here have their green. Margaret even has her shamrock socks on.

Delilah and Voirey aren’t nearly as enthusiastic of the holiday, but they have the spirit regardless.

Megan showed up in green though!

This month’s agenda was to talk about getting published in general. The three pubbed authors attending shared their own experiences with getting their books published. Delilah Devlin gave us a wonderful history of her writing career. To us newbies, her experiences are fascinating and comforting. I find myself at the same places she was when she started out… entering contests for feedback and writing, writing, writing. She did stress the importance of putting her work into various publishing houses to eliminate the disaster of your only publisher folding with your book at stake.

Critique groups were brought up and what an important they role they play for us as writers. Regardless of how little experience we have, critiquing will only help us on the way to publication.

Voirey introduced us to a new tool called Wordle. Just click to get to the link. Delilah also shared Autocrit with the same purpose in mind. These free programs will point out word usages in a passage.

Delilah and Voirey also mentioned Erotica Readers and Writers Association where one can look up to find out what calls for submissions are out there.

Voirey told us about her publishing experiences and Margaret did the same. From just these three different experiences we see the path to publication is wide and varied.

One of the last topics broached was the length of a synopsis. Five pages was the consensus, then trim it down to three pages and finally to one. That is so hard.

Believe it or not, we used the entire two hours of our meeting for this discussion. I love these informal sessions.

That’s it for this session.