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You Got to Have Friends…

Like The Devine Ms. M sang, “You got to have friends…” For our purposes I’ll say (Definitely, not sing. I value your hearing too much.), “You’ve got to have author friends.” Other friends are important too, but I’m quickly finding there’s nothing like author friends.

Nearly a year ago, I read one of the many Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, & Literary Agents books available on the market today. I highlighted and dog eared important points like a good little student. When I got to a sentence that read something like, “When in doubt ask a fellow author for advice.” I set the book on my desk, jarred my computer a little and looked around the room. I looked at the walls, my dogs, the trees and pond past the window and laughed a cynical melody. I lived, at the time and still do, in a quant town in Southern Arkansas. There were no publishing houses across the square and I sure as heck didn’t have author friends in my pocket. I didn’t know anyone who’d published anything. Ever.

But alas, not a year later I have writer friends!

After my cynical bit, I began researching writing groups by genre. There are many that run the gambit: international, local, genre based, and so on. International Thriller Writers and Romance Writers of America seemed to fit best with my writing. I honed in and found a local chapter of RWA where I could get face to face with published writers and work hands on with a group.

The ladies of The Diamond State Romance Authors are more valuable than gold. They have welcomed me with open arms, encouraged  my writing, answered my numerous newbie questions, and guided me toward tools which improve my craft. Most importantly, we all share a passion for writing. Now, I am thrilled to be a member of the DSRA and would love to welcome new members into the fold.

I must admit, before completing this post I spent fifteen minutes watching Bette Midler videos on YouTube. She’s spectacular!

Happy Writing!

Megan Mitcham, Writer

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