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My Writing Space Essentials


I have a bedroom that I use as an office. Someday, I’d like to have a large desk, an ergonomic chair,  bookshelves lining one wall, and plenty of cabinets with doors. Could I add a sofa and club chair to that order? Sure…it’s just a dream I have. For now, I’ll have to be satisfied with what I have.

So, here’s a peek into what I consider okay for a functional writing space.


Notice that my desk has a laptop placed on top of a box. This is called engineering. My physical therapist instructed me to quit typing on my lap. That defeats the purpose of a laptop, but I agree that my health is more important.  See the attached keyboard?  I purchased that to accommodate this new, ergonomic setup.  I also have my iPad and its bluetooth keyboard handy.

Brinda's Desk

The Printer Cart

I have a printer and scanner on an inexpensive steel cart with wheels. I only wish I’d  inherit an ink factory.  This is a handy setup because I can push it into the corner when not using it.

The Supplies

Pens, notepads, journals, and post-it notes are all essential.

The Author’s Mascot

I have two cairn terriers. One is my constant companion while I write. One day, I realized how lonely writing might be if not for his company. I’m grateful to have him.

The toy area for the author's mascot

Where do you write?  Are my essentials familiar to you?