Let’s Get Writing!

This is just a quickie post. A friend of mine linked me up to the Avon site where they have a call out for a few different types of stories. For all of you eager to branch out into the realm of New York, here is the link.


As for me, I was bitten by a new bunny for one of these calls. A great little holiday story is climbing up my leg. I can’t wait to get started. I hope it’s good enough to make the Avon cut.

All you writer’s out there, release the bunnies from their cages and go to town. These are mostly short stories and totally doable. The deadlines are far enough away to get your story polished for subbing.

Let’s get cracking ladies and gents!

We are cracking the whip and expecting some stories!

Have fun you all.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Writing!

  1. Indiana Jones can crawl into my dreams any day. Thanks for the info, I’m intrigued by the haunted house one. I’m already working on two stories, why not a third. Thanks again.

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