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The Juggler

My friend, Julie, is a juggler. By that I mean, she can actually toss multiple items into the air, catch, and release them in rapid succession. Last spring, she handed over her precious hacky sacks and tried to teach me to juggle too. The lesson didn’t last long. Julie has a lot of patience. Margaret does not.

My fear of clowns and weak stomach for stinky things are not the only factors standing between me and a career with the circus. Even if I found a clown-less, animal-free troupe, my fear of heights would rule out high wire and trapeze acts, as well as diving into one of those tiny buckets of water. I’m better off here on the ground, away from the clowns and elephant poop. And, let’s face it, I’m much better at throwing hacky sacks at people than I am at juggling them.

I may not have hand-eye coordination, but I have excellent aim. Usually. Lately, I’ve been suffering the worst case of ennui. I’m not quite sure why. All I know is I just can’t work up the energy to put the words on the page.

Frankly, I’m tired. I’m awake for seventeen out of twenty-four hours. I dedicate approximately ten hours to the day job, including commute. Of the remaining hours, I would say I dedicate about two hours to ‘Me’ time – which is code for showering, primping, exercise and preparing for bed. I’m married with children, so that means I’m contractually obligated to deliver another two or three hours of ‘Us’ time per twenty-four hour period. I count dinner, laundry, and other household chores as us time. Hey, there are only so many waking hours in the day. A woman does what she has to do.

If you’re doing the math (totally not my strong suit), this leaves a balance of about two to three hours of free time. For the past few weeks, those precious hours have been spent doing most anything but writing.

I’ve become a master procrastinator. I have ideas popping out of my ears and characters chattering away while I drive, eat, and try to drift off to sleep, but I can’t seem to open my document.

That’s why I’m making a concerted effort to juggle writing into my busy day.

Here’s the plan:

Each day for the month of May, I will write a minimum of 1,000 words.

If I want a day off, I have to bank the words in the days before – there will be no playing catch up.

I’ve enlisted the help of my friend Juggling Julie as my personal whip cracker, and I’ll meet you all back here in June to let you know how I did with keeping all the balls in the air.

Deal? Deal.

How about you? Do you ever have trouble juggling? What tricks do you use to keep your hacky sacks flying?