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Spring Retreat – Into The Mountains

What could be more fun than retreating from the responsibilities of everyday life to an incredible lodge in the Ozark Mountains with twelve friends, who just happen to be multi-talented, brilliant, comical women that all share a passion for writing?

Humph? Well, I could think of a couple of things. 😉 I’ll keep them to myself. No blushing on this post.

Midday Friday, twelve DSRA members converged on the Cedar Crest Lodge in Ponca, AR from our respective corners of the state. Our number one goal for the weekend – WRITE. Our second goal for the weekend – LAUGH. I must say we did a heck of a job with both. The most glorious sound this weekend, besides laughter, was that of tapping keys. Oh, what music!

The chapter would like to thank President, Brenda Berry for scouting the perfect location, bringing the dream to fruition and being the hostess with the mostess. Treasurer, Cynthia D’Alba also deserves a round of applause, and possibly a badge of courage,  for owning the job of taskmaster. She kept us all on schedule, assuring our productivity with three two-hour writing sessions on Friday and four on Saturday.

We all returned home today with fond memories, an expanded lexicon (Thank you Cynthia and Margaret!), and thousands of added words to our works in progress.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from our weekend away!

Megan Mitcham, Writer

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