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Exhausting Edits

I don’t know why I find edits so draining. Writing is invigorating. I can go a full day of feverish typing and never feel tired, but when editing time comes, just an hour of work and it’s like someone siphoned off all my strength.

Seriously. Shoot me now.

This is the reason I edit as I go. Other people can turn off their internal editors and cram in a thousand words an hour, I’ll do half that and polish as I write. I know that when I’m done, there will be editing, and if I leave myself too much work then, I’ll lose the will to live and the only thing that will bring me back is copious amounts of chocolate. Or mancandy. Chocolate is easier to bash over the head and drag home.

There is one thing I love about editing, though. When I get to the edits I know I’m almost done. Just a few more weeks and some input from my trusted crit partners, and that story is ready to ship out.

The feeling of being done is about the best thing ever. Because then I get to pull a new story idea out of my list and get back to the part of this writer gig where I get to make stuff up again.

Even with the loathesome editing, being a writer is the best thing ever. Even better than chocolate. And mancandy.

3 thoughts on “Exhausting Edits

  1. Editing is definitely exhausting when you’re working on your story, I agree with you there, especially since I only recently finished editing a book of mine. Though I have to say than nothing is better than chocolate, at least in my opinion. xD

  2. Editing is exciting because you’re so close to completion and dreaded because once you’ve read something a thousand times you no longer see the errors. Good luck, V!

  3. Zen, chocolate always wins. Sending a book off to the editor is a close second.

    Megan, I usually try to limit how much i actually look at a manuscript, but this one defies my efforts to get it out of the way. Instead of spot checks I’m reworking entire scenes for the fourth time.

    I’m determined to have it gone in a few days, before my love of the characters turns to complete loathing.

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